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4iFor The Best Shotgun Since Browning and Remington

Cable Leakage Technologies has done it again. Finally a comprehensive hybrid of the shotgun and rifle style of automated signal leakage tools are here. For 20 years, CLT has continually refined the rifle style Wavetracker. Now we proudly introduce the result of those years of knowledge, the Shotgun PNP (plug and play). No other solution available has the research and development as well as real world experience in itís pedigree. The SHOTGUN PNP leverages the industry leading APLAS 4i leakage analysis software currently in use by every major MSO.

Designed to be used by technicians during their normal service routines, with no interaction from the operator, our passive SHOTGUN PNP is in a tough aluminum enclosure built for the out of sight, out of mind environment. And our Shotgun PNP is highly modular when it comes to on the fly communication. Uses either wifi hot spots or Bluetooth interface to your smart device. Including automated distance corrections, accurate plant coverage, and correlation of data from your entire fleet. All of this with absolutely no operator interaction. Plus all of the CLI calculations, reports, work orders, and management tools youíve come to expect with the APLAS 4i software. The Shotgun PNP is the perfect compliment to your rifle style Wavetracker systems. Or if you prefer, it works alone as an autonomous shotgun leakage system.

Now available in North America and worldwide.

For more information download our press release.

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